In Mark, Jesus told the disciples and the crowds to "let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Here at Purpose we strive to help lay the foundation for a Christian life with our children, no matter what the age. It is my goal to show our kids the need that they have for a Savior in their life, to help them find their path to salvation, and to disciple them once they have made the commitment to follow Christ. We have been so blessed at Purpose with so many dedicated workers in our children's ministry and we are EXCITED about what God is doing here. We utilize a wide variety of techniques to get the kids energized about worshiping our Lord. It is our commitment to you to be there for your children, not just during worship times, but 7 days a week. Our relationship with our kids is strengthened by the love that Christ has for us and we look forward to you and your children becoming more involved in our ministry here. From puppets to song to Bible study to crafts, we can worship our Lord in so many ways and it's simply AMAZING when kids worship God!



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Packed with energy and excitement, our children's worship services are designed to allow the children to experience God in so many different ways. From learning pledges and memorizing Bible verses, to singing praises to God and studying Scripture, giving prayer requests and praying for them, to sticky and fun crafts, to sugar filled snacks and recreation time. During these times, kids realize that they too, despite their age, can have a servant's heart and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and join us and get ready to experience God!

Each Sunday, the halls begin to bussell as our children begin entering their day of worship. Sunday school is so pivotal for the children because it is here that those biblical foundations are laid for their lives. We have great Sunday School teachers whose lives are dedicated to their children. Here, kids learn about those "biblical heroes" that we have all learned about when we too were kids. When polled about their experiences, adults can often recall that Sunday school teacher where they first heard about Jesus or those wacky ways that they taught them to memorize Scripture. One thing is for sure, these classes lay the foundation for their future and we would love for you to join us for Sunday School for ALL AGES.









Throughout the year, you can take a walk down our hallways and realize that God is at work in the lives of our children. Vacation Bible School is a HUGE undertaking here at Purpose. Currently we have a week long summer VBS and a fall VBS held in October. The holidays are always an exciting time around our church; our ministry team hosts Easter Egg Hunts, the Christmas Play, Christmas Parties, Thanksgiving celebrations, as well as countless other events. Our kids also experience a heart of worship as we participate in mission projects such as the Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Christmas Child. These are just a few of the events that our ministry has to offer to your children currently and are adding activities monthly, so come join us for loads of fun as we worship our Lord!


On Sunday May 20, 2012, the youth and children's groups started our worship service by leading us in songs. What a blessing to have these young people in our midst!

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Our Children's Ministry Team:

Tom Grantham, Pastor
Jeremy Deaton, Associate Pastor
Nick Capps, Children's Church Minister
Lynn Capps, Children’s Church Assistant
Cheryl Smith, Children’s Church Assistant
Jennifer Sammons, Children’s Church Assistant
Cindy Grantham & Betty Bearden, Bed Babies
Tereasa Chambers & Miranda Fulghum, Toddlers
Lauren Hartzog & Kandis Roberts, Pre-K & Kindergarten
Maxine Bryant, 1st-3rd Grade Sunday School
Barbara Turner, 4th-7th Grade Girls

Kenny Hartzog, 4th-7th Grade Boys
Shane Davis, 4th-7th Grade Boys
Doug Long, Youth Assistant






Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Cindy


Left to Right: Bro. Jeremy, Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Cheryl, Mrs. Lynn, Bro. Nick